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666 Park Avenue
Season 1, Episode 05
A Crowd of Demons
Air date October 28th, 2012
Written by Sonny Postiglione
Directed by Robbie Duncan McNeill
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A Crowd of Demons is the fifth episode of the first season of 666 Park Avenue. It aired on October 28, 2012 and attracted 4.61 million viewers


Olivia's lobby decorations bring to mind the bloody Halloween of 1929 and the spirit from the staircase starts to haunt Jane. Gavin also receives text messages threatening Olivia while one of his things goes mysteriously missing. Meanwhile, Brian questions Louise about Dr. Evans.


As Olivia works to put the finishing touches on the lobby for the annual Drake Halloween costume gala, it brings to mind another memorable Halloween night in 1929, when murder and mayhem reigned in the building. However, now it's Jane who finds herself in the crosshairs of the spirit from the suitcase. Meanwhile, Gavin receives cryptic texts from an unknown source threatening Olivia's safety, and Henry meets a media consultant interested in propelling his political career. A jealous Brian questions Louise about her rendezvous with Dr. Evans while she was recovering from her elevator accident, and one of Gavin's most crucial personal possessions is missing by the end of the evening.



Guest starring

  • Enrique Murciano as Dr. Todd Scott
  • Ursula Parker as little girl
  • Tessa Thompson as Laurel Harris
  • Heidi Armbruster as Connie Kramer
  • Jacqueline Hendy as Skyler Jones
  • Neimah Djourabchi as "Satan"
  • William Youmans as Bill Atherton
  • Anastasia Barzee as Diane
  • Jim True-Frost as Peter Kramer
  • Christine Toy Johnson as Julie
  • Gabe Hernandez as detective
  • Dave Bachman as police sergeant
  • Doug Wert as "Gas Mask Man"