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Annie Morgan
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Family Mother (deceased)
Job Obituary writer
Portrayed By Aubrey Dollar

Annie Morgan first appears in the 666 Park Avenue, The Dead Don't Stay Dead.


Annie is a newspaper obituary writer who is upset because all she does is write obituaries, and she wants to really get some use out of her journalism degree. She runs into Gavin on the way out who asks her to write an interesting obit for someone he knew who just passed away.

Something comes over Annie and her imagination takes off. She makes the man out to be an American hero during the Cold War, working for the CIA and battling a Soviet assassin, Kandinsky, but, the next day, Annie is in a cab, stuck in traffic because of the funeral of a hero, the man she wrote about. The news report on the man is an exact copy of what she wrote, and she immediately heads over to the Drake to confront Gavin about her invented obit coming true.

She is excited to learn about her new "skill," and, when she heads to the office, she decides to try again by making a slight change in her mom's obit, stating that her mom has sold millions of books. With a click of the send button, Annie's clothes and jewelry immediately change and she has suddenly become very stylish.

At that moment, her editor calls her in and congratulates her on the American hero obit. He now wants a write-up on that Soviet assassin she created. When asked what she knows about him, Annie's imagination takes flight once again and she reads a great story from an empty notebook.

Back at the Drake and hard at work on the story, someone appears at her door. The Soviet assassin is there, just as she invented him. He overpowers her and drags her off screaming. The last we see of Annie, she is bound and gagged in her bathroom, pleading for her life as she's about to be tortured and questioned. She admits to making up the story, but he doesn't believe the outrageousness of the story, and so she claims that her editor is her informant.

She goes to warn him, but she finds him dead outside his apartment, and she then receives a call from Kandinsky stating that she is next. Panicking, she goes to Gavin to ask what she should do. Gavin asks her to write an article accusing Commissioner Pike of being under investigation for mob ties. After she submits the article, she converses with a coworker, who speculates that Commissioner Pike's "mob ties" would want to have him killed for allowing himself to be investigated, presumably by Kandinsky. She goes to warn the Commissioner, but is shot and killed by Kandinsky as he is trying to assassinate Pike.