666 Park Avenue Wiki
Gavin Doran
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Olivia Doran
Family Sasha Doran (Daughter)

Jane Van Veen (Daughter) Henry and Jane's Kid (Grandchild)

Job Building owner
Portrayed By Terry O'Quinn
"There is a price to pay, for the thing you want the most."

Gavin Doran is the Gordon Gekko of New York real estate. For years, Gavin has owned The Drake and many of the souls that have passed within its walls. Along with the splendor of the building itself, Gavin promises his tenants' deepest desires come true – but at a cost greater than Upper East Side rent. Gavin can be your best ally, but if you don't pay on time and find yourself on his bad side, you'll discover the cost of living at The Drake is all too high. He is the husband of Olivia Doran. He is the main antagonist of 666 Park Avenue.