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666 Park Avenue
Season 1, Episode 04
Hero Complex
Air date October 21st, 2012
Written by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain
Directed by John Behring
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Hero Complex is the fourth episode of the first season of 666 Park Avenue. It aired on October 21, 2012 and attracted 4.81 million viewers.


Henry learns that Gavin is under investigation for questionable real estate transactions, and must therefore choose between loyalty to his boss or his friendship with Gavin. Jane, unaware of Henry's dilemma, has her own decision to make after she discovers the identity of the thief at The Drake. Meanwhile, the eerie apparition of the little girl reappears with a warning about the contents of the suitcase Jane retrieved, and Nona is troubled by alarming visions of Henry's future. Finally, Annie begs for Gavin's help when her "creation" of Kandinsky goes awry, and he offers her a dangerous quid pro quo as a solution.




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