666 Park Avenue Wiki
John Barlow
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Mary Barlow (Wife)
Family Unknown
Job Unknown
Portrayed By James Waterston

John Barlow first appears in front of Jane Van Veen during the Pilot of 666 Park Avenue.


When John first turns up on screen, Jane sees that he has some very bloody hands. It turns out that John was a "hired hand" for Gavin Doran in order to bring his wife, Mary Barlow, back from the dead. His first murder successfully brings her back to life, but, she quickly starts to fade and Gavin reminds John that he is only renting her life. Rent is due, which means he has to murder someone else, but his conscience wins at the last minute.

Returning to the Drake, Gavin takes away his wife and then his own life by banishing John into the Drake's walls.