666 Park Avenue Wiki
Mary Barlow
Gender Female
Spouse(s) John Barlow (Husband)
Family Unknown
Job Unknown
Portrayed By Lucy Walthers

Mary Barlow first appears in the Pilot of 666 Park Avenue.


Mary Barlow apparently committed suicide by jumping from the ledge at the Drake. Her husband, John Barlow, is so grieved by her death that he makes a deal with Gavin Doran. In return for a few murders, Gavin will bring Mary back from the dead; however, her life is only getting rented out. When John can't commit his second murder, he loses Mary and his own life.

After she returns to the grave, Mary appears in a "dream" to warn Jane, saying, "You shouldn’t have come here. They’re never going to let you go" before jumping off the ledge for the last time.