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The Drake Is an old, fashionable apartment building in Manhattan, New York. The Drake is owned by husband and wife Gavin and Olivia Doran. It is the employer of Jane Van Veen and Henry Martin. It is said that when you enter The Drake, you never leave.


The Drake has an old and dirty exterior. However, the interior is fashionable and modernly rennovated. There are 12 floors, the 13th being a penthouse.

The Basement[]

The basement of The Drake is the the most spectacular floor. It contains a mosaic of a dragon on the floor, of which all the pieces are original, except the eye. The original eye of the dragon is the pendant attached to Jane's grandmother's necklace. When the pendant is inserted into the eye, the floor opens and reveals a red spiral staircase leading deep underground. It is possible to go both up and down the spiral staircase and what lies at the bottom is different for every person. Only two people have been seen going down the staircase, Sasha Doran and Jane Van Veen, but only one person has come up without being seen go down, Julian Waters.