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Scott evans
Todd Scott
Gender Male
Job Surgeon
Portrayed By Enrique Murciano

Todd Scott is a handsome young surgeon living at The Drake. He is played by Enrique Murciano.


He first appears as Louise's doctor after she has her elevator incident, but not much is known about him yet aside from the fact that he is a surgeon and that he has a gambling problem.

Season One[]

While Dr. Evans acting as Louise's doctor, Brian Leonard is suspicious that the two are having an affair. It later turns out that Dr. Evans had actually hooked up with Alexis Blume, but the doctor quickly gets his hands tied when Gavin Doran gets him involved in his schemes.

In the episode, Diabolic, his gambling addiction gets him indebted to Gavin, and the only way to pay off the $50,000 is to be the Dorans' personal doctor...and hospital liaison.