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  • I live in France
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Part time university student. Full time dreamer.
  • I am Male
  • SecretCircleMegaFan

    Hey fans of ABC's supernatural drama! You may have heard recently that 666 Park Avenue got axed by the network, likely because of ratings and Hurricane Sandy.

    But! As there are still 6 episodes to watch, we have still time to save the show! Indeed, if you people keep watching the show live (please don't let it down!), and if numbers subsequently rise, ABC might reconsider his decision.

    You can also sign a petition on here and check out watch thinks you should do.

    And finally, you can contact ABC on Facebook and on the shows's page ; on Twitter ; and use the trend #Save666ParkAve.

    Come on, we can do it! ABC has still not planned a replacement for the show on Sunday nights.

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  • SecretCircleMegaFan

    Earlier, ABC announced that both freshman dramas, The Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, were cancelled. The shows will however be removed from the network after their thirteen original episodes have aired.

    A lack of audience and the destruction of the sets by Hurricane Sandy are likely to be the reasons of the show's cancellation.

    Anger: "Damn it! Another good show was cancelled. I might follow Jane down the stairs, far from the rude world of TV."

    Hope: "Maybe Chiller TV (a specialized in horror shows cabe network) could pick it up, right?"

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  • SecretCircleMegaFan

    Episode infobox

    November 12, 2012 by SecretCircleMegaFan

    Hi! I know I'm quite new here, but I noticed the infoboxes for the episodes were a little "dull", so I tried to change it with new colors so that it catches more the eye. Hope you don't mind? Otherwise I can change it back. That's just I noticed there were no admins on here so I didn't know who to ask.

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