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666 Park Avenue
Season 1, Episode 08
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Air date November 25, 2012
Written by Josh Pate
Directed by Dean White
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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is the eighth episode of the first season of 666 Park Avenue. It aired on November 25, 2012 and attracted 3.94 million viewers.


Jane disappears without a trace, forcing a despondent Henry to worry for her safety and sanity. When she suddenly pops up in the middle of Times Square dazed and confused and is taken to a hospital for observation, Jane discovers that a horrible fate may be waiting for her there. Meanwhile, Gavin has Victor Shaw held captive in The Drake's boiler room with Kandinsky torturing him to give up the location of the red box. Shaw, however, shockingly reveals to Gavin his knowledge of what really happened to his daughter, Sasha, and threatens to tell Olivia. Finally, to Brian's dismay, he discovers that unless he is with Alexis, his creativity vanishes.




Guest starring

  • Lia Yang as Dr. Janice Wong
  • Misha Kuznetsov as Kandinsky
  • Nick Chinlund as Victor Shaw
  • Rocco Sisto as Dr. Claude Anton
  • Teddy Sears as Detective Cooper
  • Kerry O'Malley as Nurse Potter
  • Kris Eivers as unknown man
  • Mandy Gonzalez as Nurse Garcia
  • Karl Miller as Julian Waters
  • Michael Cullen as Joseph Lukin
  • Remy Auberjonois as Father Douglas



  • In this episode, Gavin walks into a church, and the music playing in background is the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil", a song evoking Satan.